The Art of Hookah

A hookah is a single or multi-stemmed apparatus for smoking flavored tobacco called shisha. It is essentially a water pipe with four main parts: a hollow glass vase, a bowl, vertical stem and hoses. Shisha is a mixture of tobacco and treacle (molasses) with fruit flavor. It is light and tasty with a wonderful fruity aroma. Not your typical tobacco, shisha provides a relaxing experience, and comes in yummy flavors like apple, strawberry, apricot, pineapple, grape, mint, rose and cappuccino, just to name a few. “Smoking hookah” can last for 2 hours or more and is meant to be a peaceful social experience.

glass blue and white hookah water pipes

Smoking hookah began as an integral part of the culture and tradition in India and Iran around 500 years ago. The pastime soon spread into Pakistan and the Middle East. Predominantly smoked in cafes, the public houses of the Middle East, hookah is usually accompanied by tea.Hookah can now be found nearly everywhere North and South America, Europe, Australia and parts of Africa, and even in St. Louis, MO! The art of smoking hookah is a cultural experience that can open people to ancient traditions that have changed very little since inception.

How to Smoke with a Hookah

1. Buy the pipe, some coals and some flavored Shisha of your choice.

2. Once you have the pipe, coal and Shisha, set up the pipe. Take the pipes apart in all its separate pieces, the base, the shaft, ceramic bowl and the hose.

3. Fill the base with a liquid of your choice so that the shaft is submerged about one inch once it is in place.

4. Attach the shaft carefully to the glass base. Ensure it’s air tight. Using a little bit of washing soap or wetting the rubber stopper before connecting it to make this step easier.

5. Using a small rubber insert, put the hose to the shaft; once more ensure that it’s air tight.

6. Fit the ceramic bowl to the top of the pipe and pack it with some tobacco. Don’t pack the bowl too tight for it will not allow you to inhale or allow the tobacco to burn properly.

7. Once the bowl is accurately packed and ready to go, attach the larger rubber insert at the very top of the hookah shaft. Then place the bowl firmly on top.

8. After putting the bowl in place, you must place the aluminum foil or the charcoal screen on top of the bowl, covering tobacco. Ensure you cut a square piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the top part of the bowl. Then poke little holes in it using a sharp-pointed object or toothpick.

10. Now light up two pieces of charcoal until you see they turn red hot. Place the red hot charcoal around the edges of the aluminum foil or charcoal screen.

11. Now you can inhale through the hose until smoke is bubbled down through the water and out of the pipe.

12. Start enjoying your pleasant Shisha smoking session.

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