Vaping - What is it? - Best Vaporizers


A vaporizer allows you to enjoy the satisfaction of smoking, but without the harmful effects associated with the smoke inhalation in a process called vaping. They are similar to e-cigarettes, but with a vaporizer you can personalize your vaping experience with e-liquids, wax and dried herbs. Lately, they have become extremely popular amongst people trying to quit smoking or people looking to enjoy vaping experience. The e-liquids, waxes and dried herbs come in a variety of flavors and aromas with different health benefits or nicotine levels.


They work by using a heating element within the device that is powered by a battery also built into the vaporizer. This heating element heats the e-liquid, wax or herbs up slowly to the temperature right before combustion, or burning. This is much healthier because when burning herbs such as tobacco, or other waxes and e-liquids, harmful gasses can be released and damage your health. When vaping, the beneficial ingredients are inhaled and in pure form.



G Pen Herbal
By Grenco Science

• Encasement made of stainless steel
• Sleeve made of hardened glass
• One-year warranty for the electronic parts
• Included cleaning supplies
• Durability index on the included herbal tank is only 6-8 weeks
• Can only be used with dried herbs

Who this is best for: This vaporizer is best for a person who is interested in enjoying the benefits of vaping dried herbs instead of e-liquids or essential oils. It is great for people who value construction and usability over esthetic appeal. It comes with everything you need to get started, excluding your choice of herbs.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal
By Grenco Science

• Snoop Dogg commemoration piece
• Artistic design of Long Beach roadmap
• Included cleaning supplies
• Long lasting batteries
• Extra glass sleeve included
• Cannot be used with e-liquids, waxes or oils
• Durability index on the included herbal tank is only 6-8 weeks

Who is this best for: This is a great piece for fans of vaping and Snoop Dogg. It’s the first piece in the collaboration between the entertainer and Grenco Science.


510 A-Pen Kit
By Atmos RX

• Can be used with e-liquids and waxes
• Clip on pen top for traveling
• Durability
• Hardcover carrying case
• E-liquid or wax not included
• No included replacement parts
• No warranty

Who is this best for: This is the ideal vaporizer for a person looking to start vaping with e-liquids. The kit comes with all necessary parts.

atoms rx jewel vaporizer pen

By Atoms RX

• Small, discreet design
• Ceramic, wickless chamber for heating
• Large chamber for product
• Comes in 10 different colors
• Can only be used with waxy oil blends
• No warranty

Who is this best for: This is the best vaporizer choice for vaping waxy oil blends. It’s ideal for a person that likes to be able to enjoy vaping all day without having to refill the chamber often.


By Firefly

• Convection vaporizer
• High-powered lithium-ion battery
• Carrying case included
• Cleaning kit included
• Can only be used with herbs
• Expensive

Who is this best for: This is the best option for a dedicated vaping fan. It offers some of the best vaping benefits available on the market today.

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