Vaping with Butane

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The enjoyment and traditional ways of smoking anything and everything are quickly going by the wayside. The days of making a quick pot, bowl, tube or whatever other name we had for it in the past is no longer relevant. Today, we are going by names such as vape pen, pipes, butane vaporizers and more. I am interested in knowing a bit more about the uses and benefits of the butane vaporizer, so I invite you to read along with me. Kick off your shoes and smoke it if you got it…

  • Just what is butane vape pen? I can't help but to wonder what the rave is all about. Here are some key characteristics:
  • The Vape Pen is a small but sufficiently sized smoking "device". Its small and compact size makes it easy to store away in pockets, purses and other small hidden areas.
  • The Vape pen is refillable with butane that can easily be purchased at any grocery store, hardware store or smoke shop. They can last as long as you want them to by carrying your butane with you. No more worry about charging your batteries.
  • You can control the temp and the heat up quickly. Your product begins to produce its desired elements or shall we say effects rather quickly, thereby allowing you to take in massive amounts of blissful vapors.
  • It is a far cry from the once traditional ceramic heating chamber units. The ceramic units leave residue behind that requires routine cleaning, maintenance and care. They are far more costly than the butane vaping pens and require frequent charging through either a USB or a wall charger.

Overall, vaping with butane rather than a vaporizer with a ceramic heating chamber might be better for vapers. Initially, there were issues with the original designs and models but thanks to R&D, users can rest assured that they are getting a quality product. Some benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • The vapors evaporate in seconds so that no residual odors are left when done.
  • It is more economical to users. It conserves your products longer and requires no use of electricity.
  • Vaporizing reduces the amount of toxins entering your body.
  • You can start vaporizing in seconds.
  • Vaping reduces respiratory conditions caused by more traditional methods of consumption
  • You can really enjoy the true flavors of your choice in smokes
  • It does not create smoke so there is no second hand risks
  • It is 100% calorie and sugar free
  • There are fewer stigmas associated with the use of a vape pen over an odor creating or easily identifiable alternative device.

This list is only a tip of the iceberg in beneficial uses of butane vape pen. Users may experiment with the pen and find alternate ways and uses that fit their lifestyles. Why not? A butane vaporizer is practical, compact and far more affordable to maintain/use in situations where discretion is a priority.

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