Cheap Thrills and Instant Rushes – The World of the Whip-Its*

Even as I write this, I hear the lyrics of Good Times Bad Times by Led Zepplin crackling through my mind. If that gives you any idea where we are headed well, good luck and enjoy the gentle ride. Whip it's is a far cry from Zepplin but it's a pebble in the sand along the path, if that adds any points to the game of life.

If ever there was a time, where time was of the essence, a Whip-It could fit in real nice. Quick, easy and undetectable, it was and still is the ultimate in an instant rush, high moment's notice. The bare simple fact that, for at the least the last thirty years they have remained popular has to tell somebody that they are worth the simple effort it takes to do them.

For those who for some reason or another remain in the dark as to what a Whip-it is, it is the quick and sudden deep inhalation of nitrous oxide for the sole purpose of experiencing the blissful rush that comes immediately after the deep part. It really is that instant. Now, what you really want to know is what you need to do a whip-it. That's the fun part. Apart from the standard age old kitchen trick, here are some on hand beginner's tools for your next balloon party:

  • Balloons (the party kind) - These are a must have, you'll need these to inflate and inhale.
  • Cracker - They comes in all types of brands - DO NOT USE WITHOUT A BALLOON
  • If you do not want to use the cracker and balloon system, you can purchase a Cream Dispenser that is typically sold in specialty stores in the bakery departments.
  • Nitro cartridges (N2O) - Please don't invite a bunch of friends over and embarrass yourself by having 1 cartridge. These things are gone in a flash and if you intend on having a party, at least make sure you have at 1 per person. Maybe you could barely squeak by with a ½ per person especially if they are all beginners. Then you will surely be okay. You will need these whether you follow 1 and 2 or just 3 above.
  • People -There is no whip-it party with only one person. That's a pity party. Don't confuse the two.

If you are using the 1 and 2 system-

  1. Place your cartridge into your Cracker
  2. Place the balloon over the end that has the hole in it.
  3. Be sure to hold the balloon onto the end to ensure that it does not slip off.
  4. Slowly start opening the cracker back up –careful now!!!
  5. STOP as soon as you hear the gas hissing out. 5 seconds no more
  6. The balloon fills fast, close the cracker back up and pinch the balloon of carefully making sure not to waste any of the good stuff.
  7. Your dispensary has now been opened for business. Place balloon and fingers to your mouth and suck in as you slowly release a little pressure off of balloon tip.
  8. Inhale as long as you can and pass your savings on to your friends. Its double coupon days at your house.
  9. If you weren't on your bum when you started, you might be by now 'cause I forgot to tell you that as a first timer you might fall, sorry. I needed to laugh too.

This is a beginner's guide. After this, you decide how much of what you need and who if anyone you want to share it with. Next time, you pick the music. Perhaps, we can have a better song selection to fit the mood. Don't exhale to q uickly, haste makes waste my friend.

*This blog post is for entertainment purposes only.