Anatomy of a Cigar

The next time you light up a stoogie with your bros, impress them with your expert knowledge of the parts of a cigar. Need a cigar? Mr. Nice Guy on Delmar in St. Louis, MO now carries Project 805, Arturo Fuente, Acid Kuba Kuba, and Macanudo cigars.  Stop by today.

anatomy of a cigar

Cap - the loose piece of tobacco glued to the top of a cigar, preventing the wrapper from unraveling

Head - the part that goes in your mouth

Band - the paper or foil loop fitted around the body of the cigar to denote its brand or variety

Body - the main part of cigar

Foot  - the other end of the cigar that you light

So there you have it - the anatomy of a cigar. Just remember...don't put a foot in your mouth.