Why Cannabis Should Be Legal [Q&A with Legalize Marijuana in Missouri President, Brad Allen Morris]

Why did you decide to start Legalize Marijuana in Missouri and join the campaign to end marijuana prohibition? 

I've lived in Missouri nearly all of my life. I've seen the good and the bad, the success and the struggle. It’s been awhile since we've seen advancement of our individual freedoms as human beings. We need a change, with the promise of an entirely new industry, source of tax revenue and job creation in Missouri. 

Were you always such an advocate for weed?

For many years growing up I thought cannabis was some kind of horrible drug. For a while, I actually believed my brain would turn into fried egg if I smoked a joint. (Thanks, DARE!) Did you know cannabinoids may slow brain ageing, stress, and neuro-inflammation and help battle Alzheimer's? Look it up!

Why do you think recreational cannabis should be legal?

First of all, there is no reason cannabis should illegal. The state should be collecting sales taxes off of this beautiful plant. We should be building our local and state economies with marijuana. Just look at Colorado. In 2014, the state collected $53 million in tax revenue.

Humans have been using cannabis medically and recreationally for centuries, much longer than Missouri has been a state or America has been a country. Our Founding Fathers indulged, and so did President Obama. Before that, the Native Americans grew it and are doing so again on their reservations legally. 

Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and even our nation’s capitol Washington D.C. has legalized  -- many states are following the trend. Medical marijuana is legal in 23 states and D.C., dating back to 1996 when California was the first state to have any form of legal marijuana laws. It makes no sense for Missouri to finally be introducing medical marijuana freedom laws 19 years behind the first state. It’s time for Missouri to take the steps immediately to become legal so everyone can legally consume cannabis. What would be the point in prolonging marijuana prohibition? It is less harmful than alcohol, it has more benefits than any lab-created drug, and keeping it illegal is only benefiting the black market. 

Think about this: Every time a police officer suspects someone of having cannabis they ask them for their license and registration, go back to their car, call for backup and perhaps a k-9...then they sit in their car until backup arrives. Once backup arrives, they will go up to the individuals car on both sides ask them to step out of the vehicle and begin to frisk them and place them in handcuffs. Then they ask the individual to allow them to search the car… whether they search the car or not is one thing, but they will generally take this individual to the station, book and fingerprint them then release them. All of this over something that is less harmful than alcohol. You as a taxpayer just paid for a minimum of two officers for an hour each for nothing. While they’re busy for two hours there are people driving drunk and speeding past the post they were originally sitting. What I am getting at here is: criminalized marijuana is a huge waste of time and tax dollars.

What would you like to tell the #awesome people reading this?

As the Director of Legalize Marijuana in Missouri I plan to campaign through the state to dispel the myths of cannabis, promoting the safe and beautiful plant it is. We will end the prohibition of marijuana in Missouri. 

Like us on Facebook as @Legalize420MO, that’s where we are keeping everyone up-to-date on upcoming events and our legal progress. I would like to thank all of our past, present and future supporters. Without you, this reform would not be possible.

To support Legalize Marijuana in Missouri, donate via Paypal (legalize420mo@gmail.com) or via our GoFundMe page.