A Guide to Pipes

Pipes come in an vast array of shapes, sizes and materials. Many of the most inventive and aesthetically beautiful include water pipes, bongs and traditional glass with carburetors. Although they may differ greatly in form and function, most pipes include a few basic parts that determine the quality of your smoking experience.

A bowl is the part of the pipe that holds marijuana. The base of the bowl fits onto a stem, which connects it to the shank, or main portion of the pipe. The bowl is lit by touching flame or heat to the product and puffing on the mouthpiece at the other end. Smoke travels along the shank between them. Many pipes include a carburetor, or an inlet where air can mix with smoke as it travels. A carburetor can simply be a hole that is covered while lighting the bowl and released as the shank fills with smoke, or a water Bubbler, an electronic pump that produces an air stream. Injecting air greatly speeds the smoke, providing a much faster and deeper puff and improving the experience exponentially.

One-hitters (or dug-outs) are small boxes that contain two chambers. The larger chamber holds dried marijuana that has been packed tightly. The round, smaller chamber holds a bat, or straight pipe. A bat is the simplest form of pipe, a cylindrical tube with a fluted end as the mouthpiece and a small depression as the bowl. The bowl is packed by placing it into the larger chamber and twisting it with a downward force until it is full. Each packing provides one or two hits, one of the most economical pipes producing the least waste.

A chillum is a type of straight pipe that can also be made from glass, but may be wood or metal. These incorporate some of the characteristics of traditional glass mixed with the ease of a bat or one-hitter.

Mr. Nice Guy in St. Louis, MO carries a huge variety of traditional glass, artfully crafted glass pipes formed as one piece of blown or molded glass and boasting a small hole in the shank. Traditional glass can provide a clean-tasting puff and is compact and user friendly. 

Beyond a doubt, water pipes and bongs are the most popular products at Mr. Nice Guy. Water pipes traditionally have a bowl and long stem attached to a large basin partially filled with water. A shank rises from the basin, ending in a mouthpiece. The carburetor can appear as a hole in the shank, or a removable bowl that serves that purpose. The stem penetrates into the water, forcing smoke through it and cooling the purified hit. Bongs are similar, but often have a central bowl with a stem that shoots directly down under it into the water. One or more mouthpieces are attached to the upper side of the basin with hoses, providing a communal and explosive experience.

A Stealth Pipe is a hidden device that appears to be something else. They can appear to be belt buckles, key chains or almost anything. The pipe is concealed along or inside the useful casing, and can be quickly unfolded or dismantled for use. They can be either simple straight shooters or clever pipes that must be assembled for each use. Stealth pipes are excellent for use in places where other pipes could never go.

Still curious about the different forms and functions of glass? Stop by one of our shops today and one of our friendly employees will be happy to answer all of your questions. 

The Art of Hookah

A hookah is a single or multi-stemmed apparatus for smoking flavored tobacco called shisha. It is essentially a water pipe with four main parts: a hollow glass vase, a bowl, vertical stem and hoses. Shisha is a mixture of tobacco and treacle (molasses) with fruit flavor. It is light and tasty with a wonderful fruity aroma. Not your typical tobacco, shisha provides a relaxing experience, and comes in yummy flavors like apple, strawberry, apricot, pineapple, grape, mint, rose and cappuccino, just to name a few. “Smoking hookah” can last for 2 hours or more and is meant to be a peaceful social experience.

glass blue and white hookah water pipes

Smoking hookah began as an integral part of the culture and tradition in India and Iran around 500 years ago. The pastime soon spread into Pakistan and the Middle East. Predominantly smoked in cafes, the public houses of the Middle East, hookah is usually accompanied by tea.Hookah can now be found nearly everywhere now...in North and South America, Europe, Australia and parts of Africa, and even in St. Louis, MO! The art of smoking hookah is a cultural experience that can open people to ancient traditions that have changed very little since inception.

How to Smoke with a Hookah

1. Buy the pipe, some coals and some flavored Shisha of your choice.

2. Once you have the pipe, coal and Shisha, set up the pipe. Take the pipes apart in all its separate pieces, the base, the shaft, ceramic bowl and the hose.

3. Fill the base with a liquid of your choice so that the shaft is submerged about one inch once it is in place.

4. Attach the shaft carefully to the glass base. Ensure it’s air tight. Using a little bit of washing soap or wetting the rubber stopper before connecting it to make this step easier.

5. Using a small rubber insert, put the hose to the shaft; once more ensure that it’s air tight.

6. Fit the ceramic bowl to the top of the pipe and pack it with some tobacco. Don’t pack the bowl too tight for it will not allow you to inhale or allow the tobacco to burn properly.

7. Once the bowl is accurately packed and ready to go, attach the larger rubber insert at the very top of the hookah shaft. Then place the bowl firmly on top.

8. After putting the bowl in place, you must place the aluminum foil or the charcoal screen on top of the bowl, covering tobacco. Ensure you cut a square piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the top part of the bowl. Then poke little holes in it using a sharp-pointed object or toothpick.

10. Now light up two pieces of charcoal until you see they turn red hot. Place the red hot charcoal around the edges of the aluminum foil or charcoal screen.

11. Now you can inhale through the hose until smoke is bubbled down through the water and out of the pipe.

12. Start enjoying your pleasant Shisha smoking session.

Check out the selection of hookahs at Mr. Nice Guy Head Shops in St. Louis and start smoking sheesha tonight.

Vaping - What is it? - Best Vaporizers


A vaporizer allows you to enjoy the satisfaction of smoking, but without the harmful effects associated with the smoke inhalation in a process called vaping. They are similar to e-cigarettes, but with a vaporizer you can personalize your vaping experience with e-liquids, wax and dried herbs. Lately, they have become extremely popular amongst people trying to quit smoking or people looking to enjoy vaping experience. The e-liquids, waxes and dried herbs come in a variety of flavors and aromas with different health benefits or nicotine levels.


They work by using a heating element within the device that is powered by a battery also built into the vaporizer. This heating element heats the e-liquid, wax or herbs up slowly to the temperature right before combustion, or burning. This is much healthier because when burning herbs such as tobacco, or other waxes and e-liquids, harmful gasses can be released and damage your health. When vaping, the beneficial ingredients are inhaled and in pure form.



G Pen Herbal
By Grenco Science

• Encasement made of stainless steel
• Sleeve made of hardened glass
• One-year warranty for the electronic parts
• Included cleaning supplies
• Durability index on the included herbal tank is only 6-8 weeks
• Can only be used with dried herbs

Who this is best for: This vaporizer is best for a person who is interested in enjoying the benefits of vaping dried herbs instead of e-liquids or essential oils. It is great for people who value construction and usability over esthetic appeal. It comes with everything you need to get started, excluding your choice of herbs.

Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal
By Grenco Science

• Snoop Dogg commemoration piece
• Artistic design of Long Beach roadmap
• Included cleaning supplies
• Long lasting batteries
• Extra glass sleeve included
• Cannot be used with e-liquids, waxes or oils
• Durability index on the included herbal tank is only 6-8 weeks

Who is this best for: This is a great piece for fans of vaping and Snoop Dogg. It’s the first piece in the collaboration between the entertainer and Grenco Science.


510 A-Pen Kit
By Atmos RX

• Can be used with e-liquids and waxes
• Clip on pen top for traveling
• Durability
• Hardcover carrying case
• E-liquid or wax not included
• No included replacement parts
• No warranty

Who is this best for: This is the ideal vaporizer for a person looking to start vaping with e-liquids. The kit comes with all necessary parts.

atoms rx jewel vaporizer pen

By Atoms RX

• Small, discreet design
• Ceramic, wickless chamber for heating
• Large chamber for product
• Comes in 10 different colors
• Can only be used with waxy oil blends
• No warranty

Who is this best for: This is the best vaporizer choice for vaping waxy oil blends. It’s ideal for a person that likes to be able to enjoy vaping all day without having to refill the chamber often.


By Firefly

• Convection vaporizer
• High-powered lithium-ion battery
• Carrying case included
• Cleaning kit included
• Can only be used with herbs
• Expensive

Who is this best for: This is the best option for a dedicated vaping fan. It offers some of the best vaping benefits available on the market today.

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