How To Clean Your Water Pipe

# 1 You can best clean your water pipe in the kitchen, so you have a working space. First you put some warm water in your water pipe and permit it to soak for a moment. Be careful! Don’t fill your water pipe with water that is too hot, because it can break your glass water pipe. After a while discard the unclean water pipe water.

Clean Water Pipe.png

# 2 Include some sort of cleaning solution, like Formula 420, in your water pipe and blend it with water. Put your thumb on the downstem (and carb hole) and your other hand on the mouthpiece. You can also use plastic cellophane to seal the mouthpiece. Then it’s easier to hold the water pipe with your free hand for better grip. Shake your ice water pipe to ensure the cleaning product reaches every spot. You can also let the mixture sit in your piece for a minute.

# 3 Continue this process of shaking your piece with the mix of water and detergent till all dirty bits are gone. You can hold the water pipe flat, to reach all parts of your percolator, if your piece has percolators. If there are still unclean parts, then repeat the process. You can refill your water pipe with your choice of cleaner and water, if the mix gets too dirty to clean your water pipe.

And after that: ... Shake it again!

# 4 If your piece is clean and tidy, you can fill your water pipe once again time with warm water. This helps to flush out any remaining cleaner.

#5 Last but not least, enjoy smoking! 

Glass Bubblers & Hand Pipes - Why you would choose one or the other?

Hand glass pipes and glass bubblers both offer reliable ways to smoke. Depending on your situation you may be more inclined to choose one over the other.

MNG Glass Pipe.png

Hand pipes are clearly more portable as they are small enough to fit in your pocket. They come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and offer users great smoking experiences. Hand pipes are perfect on-the-go because they also are easy and quick to clean. In addition, glass pipes impart no more flavors that may remain from earlier smoke sessions, or from using a wood pipe.

MNG Glass Bubbler.png

Although hand pipes are more convenient, they lack the benefit of filtration. Users may prefer a glass bubbler if they are looking for smoother smoke sessions, as the filtration provides this advantage. The glass bubblers diffuse the smoke through water before it is inhaled. This removes tar and resin and causes the smoke to taste smoother. Furthermore, they are very convenient and are easily used. It's not as easily taken on-the-go as hand pipes are, but they still are transportable.  

Both glass bubblers and hand pipes offer users a relaxing smoking experience. Deciding between one or the other depends on your circumstances and what type of smoke session you are looking to have.